Mexican Soup

Mexican soup ingredients :

0,5 onion 
3 cloves of garlic
2 potatoes
3 cans of sweetcorn
sweet pepper spice
mustard seeds
2 spoon of sour cream 

grated cheese
chilli flakes
spoon of sour cream

Ok Steps:
Fry onion , garlic , potatoes on olive oil . 
Add sweetcorn and than add water .
Add spices and cook until potatoes are soft.
Blend the soup and serve with all extras .

Delicious !!!

Coffee Heaven

Sweet tooth ?

Ingredients :

tiramisu biscuits
mascarpone 250 g
fresh cream 500 g
icing sugar
coconut flakes
chocolate flakes

1. Make a strong sweet coffee .
2 . Dip each biscuit in a coffee and place it in your cake container
to cover the bottom .
3. Beat fresh cream , when it is almost ready add mascarpone and 
icing sugar ( make it sweet the way you like ) .
4. When the mixture is ready cover the biscuits with 
half of it .
5. Spread some coconut and choco flakes .
6. Make another layer .
7. Chill it for 3 hours .